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Wekton Kingdom Encompasses the West Coast of the continent. There is no natural border between Wekton and Collum, but it is usually assumed that the half-way point is where one country ends and the other begins. Wekton –on the West Coast. The city is a port city with a lot of trade. Also there is a lot of crime and corruption. Magic is en vogue and those who can afford it, use magical items like we use modern technology. Magic is almost everywhere and used as a convenience whenever possible. This includes everything from household chores to elaborate hoaxes and very public assassinations. -Wekton is rich and opulent and the seat of Power for the King. -The Guild is the only source of employment, legal or otherwise. -The Guild is operated by the Syndicate and controls the thieves, assassins, spies, mercenaries and couriers in Wekton city exclusively. -There are few other ways to get jobs in these trades and no other way to get legitimate jobs. All those who enter The Guild start as an Initiate and once they have proven themselves can move onto freelance work, as long as they pay their dues. They are different heads of different jobs (thieving, assassination, etc) The Head of the Initiates is Patch. He is in charge of handing out work, collecting money from the clients and paying members. He takes his cut-first, so it’s best to be on his good side. -It’s not uncommon for Guild members to shake down other members for their loot, weapons, or just to enforce survival-of-the-fittest pecking order. -Though to outsiders the Guild may seem like a prison riot gone awry, there is a code of conduct to be followed, to ensure peace between the Guild and the King’s watch. the syndicate will provide any service to anyone who can pay, however they only target merchants, traders and those who fall in disfavor with the Syndicate. They are involved in everything except the church and magic.

The Syndicate co-exists with the Nobility and is believed to have been established approx 15 years ago by a few powerful anonymous nobles and the crime lords at the time.

The campaign would start with your party just arriving back from it’s first assignment. it was to be a simple escort job to protect a middle-class merchant and his goods that he brought back from Kayde. The round trip took 3 weeks. during this time your party had a chance to Bond. There were 6 from The Guild at the start but only 5 came back. On the last night the 6th man, a scruffy thief named Stavros was on watch when the attack came. the rest of the party was asleep at the time. Through incredible luck and fortune the 5 of you were able to fend off ten bandits. In the process the merchant was stabbed in the shoulder. Aside from a few scrapes and bruises no one else was seriously injured. The party was able to inflict some serious wounds on the bandits, but they all got away. Their leader wore a mask. Known World:

Platonia – Platonia is located in the North at the base of the mountains, several days ride from the Coast. It is ruled by the King’s cousin -a Duke. Platonia has a Guild as well, run by it’s own Synidcate. The Platonia Guild is derided by the Wekton Guild members. They say that the Platonia Guild is even more cut-throat than Wekton, and

Kayde Kingdom Kayde –located in a valley in the Mountains. Not as far North as Platonia, and East, halfway between the coast and the Collum river. Kayde had many towns in the valleys and plains before the Collum river, and they maintain and control the roads with Wekton in accordance to an ongoing treaty. The city is built into the side of a mountain and has high walls and is surrounded by lakes, rivers and dense forests. The Kayde trade extensively with the Dwarves in the mountains to the North East. Kayde has a culture of lumberjacks and artisans. Tolk -Collum River Region -Tolk controls the Collum river, which runs from the Northern Mountains across the northern half of the continent and into the sea. The Collum river is wide and slow (think North American Amazon river). Tolk has 3 major fortress cities that span the giant river. Each city acts as a toll booth for anyone travelling across the continent through the cities, as well as any river traffic bringing goods from the sea up the river to Kayde Gavrel Kingdom -Gavrel Kingdom is on the Plains East of the Collum River. It is inhabited by primarily Nomads. The modest capital of Sander is located in the South. The centre of the region is grassland dominated by clans of herdsmen. In the north at the foot of the mountains, the villages are primarily travelling hunters, but some permanent villages have been set up by miners and gold hunters. Fabled 5th Kingdom -little is know about the 5th Kingdom. Explorers have spent their lives searching for it. It is believed to be founded by powerful mages somewhere in the Northern Mountains. Many have searched for it and few come back. The Wild -little more than a rumour; the Wild encompasses the Southern Hemisphere. It is a massive lush jungle where it is believed many magical creatures and war dodgers fled to during and after the war. It is believed to be ruled by a powerful, half-crazy elf. Lost Sea Kingdom -there are popular fables used to scare small children that talk of a hidden island in the Western sea that is full of demons and monsters that rise from the dead, suck the blood of virgins, and they can kill you with a touch at will.

The Gods Origin Story: Once upon a time, long long ago, Seven strangers came to the land. They declared themselves to be Star travelers from beyond the Heavens. They 7 went amongst the people and shaped the world, bringing prosperity and knowledge. Each adopted a favored people and divided the world as to not interfere with eadh other. Peace lasted and the people lived harmoniously. After an age, the strangers were simply not seen anymore and it is believed they ascended to some higher realm of being. The Seven are said to be a family and together formed the scales of the universe. Each Star Traveler became revered by their people and soon each took on the aspect of their power. Giant temples were constructed in the cities each God is believed to have founded. 1. Molior -Creation (construction, order, art) -Patron God of Kayde 2. Lumen -Light (goodwill, peace, etc) -Patron God of Gavrel 3. Aevum -Life (nature, harvest etc) -Patron God of the Wilds 4. Iuris -Justice (balance) -Patron God of the Fabled 5th kingdom 5. Pestis -Destruction (chaos, disorder) -Patron God of Wekton 6. Ater -Darkness (greed, malice) -Patron God of Tolk 7. Nex -Death (violence) -Patron God of the Lost Sea Kingdom

All religion stresses the importance of recognizing the Gods equally and maintaining balance. All 7 gods should be prayed to equally. The 3 gods of Good for blessed fortune and the 3 gods of Evil for respite. Every major city will have a church dedicated to each God, as well as a Unitarian church that gives worship to all. Smaller communities will have only a Unitarian church. After the age of miracles, it is a belief of the church that the Gods favor their priests first, magic users second, and those who amuse them above all others.

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