Guild Years

Goodbye Peter

a new job

July 15, 2010 The party awakes to a note from Peter detailing that he has been recalled to his monastery. He explains that he has been granted far longer leave than normal, and that he must return immediately.

The party finishes breakfast and heads to the Purple Weasel to inquire about work. Patch informs them that all other groups are out working and he only has one job to fill. He indicates a young handsome elf at a table.

The job is to take out Lord Ahmad of the Nechako valley. He has recently engaged in slavery, which is irked the King, and he has started to skim too much off the top, which has really irked the Syndicate. The Syndicate has withdrawn their support from Ahmad, leaving him an open target. Varis represents the Ministry of Interior and has made it his mission to remove Ahmad from his fortified keep.

After some rookie negotiations (it is the party’s first job as full members and thus able to negotiate their own rates) the party and the Elf Varis come to an agreement. 200GP a day plus an equal share in the treasure (after the King’s and Syndicate’s cut).

To ensure the success of the mission, Varis employs 4 thieves under the same agreement.

Without wasting time, the party procures mounts and journeys East.

After 4 days of travel besot with fighting off monsters, the party reaches the Inn of the Last Home, in the small orchard town of Eastfall, an easy half day journey from the Keep.



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