Guild Years

Final test

June 25, 2010 The party sets out to return to Wekton and they encounter a slave caravan. The slaves are under Orc guard and have a War Troll with them.

The party successfully free the slaves and learn they were from Lord Ahmad’s estate in the interior. The slaves tried to escape but were captured by the Orcs and were being taken to Platonia to be sold.

The party returns to Wekton without further incident and claim the bounty on Stavros before retiring for the night. The next day the party has their final Guild test. Armed combat against T-bone’s Minotaur party, at the Gladiator Arena.

Using the Arena’s pit-traps, the party is able to control much of the encounter. The Minotaurs are strong and resilient, but the party wears them down. During the combat wild DireTigers are introduced to the combat. The Diretigers being starved go after the easiest prey, which turned out to be T-bone and group.

The party are declared the winners and now must prepare themselves to be full members.



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