Guild Years

Apprentiship Part2

June 17, 2010 Instead of engaging in crime, the group decides instead to pick up a simple delivery job. While at the Purple Weasel, Patch thinks to ask some questions about their recent assignment to Kayde, mainly wondering where the 7th of the group was. After hearing about the circumstances he becomes suspicious and encourages the group to look into Stavros’ background. The group learns through some mercenaries in the tavern that they believe Stavros to be a thief, and to ask around at the Dancing Peony in the merchant district. Auralis (sp?) spots a hulking Minotaur in a dimly lit corner of the bar, and tries to make friends with the creature. The Minotaur makes it clear that he does not care for attention. Before anything uglier than a knocked over table happens, the party quickly leaves and separate. One group going to the Docks to meet with the captain of the Black Orchid, and the other to the Dancing Peony. Before they go, Patch gives them a crest identifying them as a minor gang from the arena area. Patch also requests that the party obey the ship captain’s instructions regarding the letters, with the minor change that they bring the letters to him first. Razielle, Achamian and No Name head to the Dancing Peony, manging to avoid any confrontations with street thugs. They dine at the tavern and spot a few likely thieves also having dinner. Razielle approachs them and manages to buy information regarding Stavros. He has apparently set up as a highwayman, robbing travelers along the King’s road. They return to the Dock district.

The three assigned to the docks, find the ship and it’s Captain without incident. They bring the letters to Patch where he absconds with them into his office. Peter feeling this is not normal behavior makes careful note of the letters before he hands them over. The letters are sealed with an icon of a burning sword, the symbol of the Syndicate. He also notices a peculiarly dressed person in a dark corner all in red, with a cowl and two swords strapped across his back. While the three wait for Patch, Auralis stares at the Minotaur who is still in his corner. The Minotaur gets up and stalks over to Auralis, preparing to strike him when, the man in red appears in front of him and gets in the Minotaur’s face….well chest anyway, and reveals his nickname to be T-Bone and makes some rather disparaging remarks about eating the bull-man for dinner. The Minotaur, enraged attempts to put him in a bear-hug, when the man in red teleports behind, and in a blur, plants one of his swords through T-bone’s side. The Minotaur, bleeding profusely, growls and limps out of the Purple Weasel. The man in red introduces himself as Wade. Patch’s ‘enforcer’ and peace keeper among the mercenaries. Razielle, Achamian and No name return just in time to see the Minotaur from earlier limping down the road. As they enter, Patch returns from his office with the letters. Peter notices subtle alterations to the seal. As there are two letters, the group again splits up. The ladies to the Noble district to deliver to Lord Rothus, the men to the military district to deliver to General Lynch. From his extensive knowledge of history, Peter deduces that Patch his intercepting these letters to copy their contents, before delivering them to members of the Syndicate 9essentially his bosses) and that the letters themselves have to do with intelligence on the Arms Race. On the way to the Military District, Peter, Auralis and Achamian encounter a gang of street thugs demanding toll for passage through their territory. While Peter felt this was reasonable business, Auralis took the opportunity to attack. After dispatching their foes, they delivered the letter without incident, but were impressed with the General’s desire for discretion. Razielle, Kendra and Noname had a similar experience in their delivery but their would-be toll-takers were encountered on the way back home. Once back at the Purple Weasel and after comparing notes, the party decides to turn-in, and go pay Stavros a visit in the morning. His camp is a half-day’s journey East along the highway. The party manages to find the thieves just as the thieves find them. A short battle ensues and Stavros falls.



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