Guild Years


The campaign begins with our party having just returned from their first out of town assignment. it was to be a simple escort job to protect a middle-class merchant and his goods that he brought back from Kayde. The round trip took 4 weeks. during this time your party had a chance to Bond. There were 6 from The Guild at the start but only 6 came back. On the last night the 7th man, a scruffy thief named Stavros was on watch when the attack came. the rest of the party was asleep at the time. Through incredible luck and fortune the 6 of you were able to fend off ten bandits. In the process the merchant was stabbed in the shoulder. Aside from a few scrapes and bruises no one else was seriously injured. The party was able to inflict some serious wounds on the bandits, but they all got away. Their leader wore a mask.

The party arrive at the Purple Weasel, headquarters to the Mercenary House in the Dock District, to collect their pay. Patch (dispatcher) informs them that he’s short on cash, but if their willing to do the rounds and collect insurance payments, he’ll have enough to pay what they are owed.

The party agrees and splits up to spend some time knocking on doors to get Patch his cash flow. During their rounds the party finds 2 merchants unwilling to pay: one shop was been burned to the ground, and the other shop was robbed. Unlike the other house leaders, Patch actually pays-out on the insurance policies.

Patch pays them what they are owed plus a some gold for their time collecting. He asks them to follow up with the complaints.

After some investigating, the party discovers that the shop that was burnt down, was down so deliberately by a couple of thieves from the Merchant District. the thieves have been known to vandalize and rob areas on their border in an attempt to encroach territory. In regards to the robbery, the party follows some leads, questioned the clerk on duty at the time and checked out his story. They soon conclude that the robbers were from one of the larger neighboring street gangs called the “Southies”.

The party reports back to Patch and he is not surprised nor particularly upset at what he learns. He hires the party to put some hurt on the “Southies”. The party takes out the first scouting party they find, possibly starting a gang-war, however as Patch controls the Mercenaries (largest private army in the Kingdom) and the Dock district (ie. over-seas smuggling) he is confident he can handle any backlash.

After bringing Patch back a crest as proof, he pays them their due, and asks if they will agree to robbing a Silk Shop in the Merchant district that is a front for the Thieves house, as payback against the thieves.

The group has mixed feelings.



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